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    Improvements to my set up?

    So eh... I am very new to building computers and the pc hardware in general (my EE degree has just started though ). I have a few questions.

    This is my set up right now,I went all out. I thought that the most value build would be buying somewhat top end components, and committing to a new upgrade way later down the line.

    CPU: i7-6850K
    GPU: GTX 1080 Ti
    RAM: 32 GB Trident Z RGB
    SSD NVME: Sams 960 Pro
    All custom water loop.

    I really like it so far, and it ticks all the boxes for now.

    First question is in regards to the new x299 system and its new intel chips.
    I suppose that the new chips are not compatible with the current X99 platform, correct?
    As this is the case, can anyone explain in brief how much of a change the new architecture really?
    I am asking this because I thought of buying the 6950X chip if it ever gets a big discount when the X299 and Skylake X are released. It is perhaps to prolong and improve the span of my current mobo. However, I am still quite curious if it is not just better to keep everything as is, and save up for whatever comes out in future.

    In regards to the GPU, I am still contemplating on the 1080 TI SLI. It seems like they do add SLI profiles in the last Nvidia driver update; however, from the benchmarks that I saw, it still feels like SLI is a waste of money. What is your experience with it? What is your prognosis regarding the SLI support? Is it just going to remain as pathetic as it still is? I remember Nvidia promising an amazing scaling and support with their Pascal family. Despite that, I am still very curious as I never had SLI before.

    My current use of computer is limited to trying to game at ultra settings and Solidworks/Matlab/etc. It will prolly expand further in the near future.


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