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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Bully View Post
    entropic-remnants, thank you for your advice.

    I have now got my RAM back @ 2933 18-14-14-14-34

    It was indeed the ProcODT setting that made it happen.

    I managed to boot into bios with 60 or 68.6 ohms, but they turned out to be unstable. I went up to 80ohms and now it is solid as a rock! FYI my RAM part no. is in my profile.

    Really happy now

    Is there any reason I should change to the 99xx BIOS's? My RAM is now more or less at rated speeds (3000) .

    Thanks again for the assistance, took me a while to get there but got it in the end!
    Glad you got it back!

    The main reason I went with the 9945 BIOS (or 9943 has this also) is the ability to tune some of the things that the C6H *should* be able to read from the XMP profile in the RAM, but is not. I show how to do it in THIS POST. You don't have to have AIDA64 to test stability but I like it and recommend it even though to get the full version costs $40. I think it's worth it for me but probably not for everybody. The free version of HCI Memtest works fine for checking RAM stability and even the Prime95 "Blend" test stresses RAM.

    When you play with new BIOS, it can be a pain -- but if you have a flash drive plugged in, name the BIOS you're on now to the C6H.CAP format so you can flash it back quickly. Also, in the BIOS, save your current BIOS settings to the flash drive. Now you can reflash and play and if you're not happy then it's the work of a couple of minutes to get back to where you were.

    Anyway, that's what I do and it makes trying new BIOS less painful... except for all the time you burn trying to make them work, lol.
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