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    Angry No ethernet on crosshair 6 after new build

    Im absolutely guttered. I know its a new architecture but i am so pissed off right now. Everything is cable tied. The build is should of been finished for use about 5 hours ago. Im really guttered by asus. As there is nothing on the internet to help clear this up. Looks like a return job. Im that pissed off i could i might jave a career change. This board should never of bèen shipped if the ethernet is dodgy. Guttered. Any help would be appreciated. Luke i say ive been trying for 5 hours so.

    ps. this went on all night into the next day. if you get the issue where windows is stopping the Ethernet port from initialising that's because its BROKEN FAULTY bag of ass. I actually let someone tell me it was a brand new installation of windows which was the problem, even though my copy had the basic intel driver for the exact hardware but would not even try to install it. I am exhausted and all my new parts I saved a long time to get have now had multiple installations. so all my brand new stuff... all 1800pounds not including the titan looks like second hand. not to mention putting wear on my titan xp. if the replacement comes faulty it will be bye bye to asus I'm afraid. what happened to the solid boards I used to buy for 20yrs. I know exactly whats going on, I used to be the head of a returns department and they didn't give a damn there. in the end it killed the company as only 1 out of every 5 joypads worked in its entirety. this is a motherboard being sold which is not being given ANY quality control. I wonder how many other people have received these shoddy boards... thousands???? probably... its all well and good as long as everyone makes sure to take their business to a vendor which appreciates their money... I know they have some good heads working on this board but that bad experience I just had was sponsored by asus. I doubt they will offer toi make up for the absolute nightmare. so asus is on my avoid list from now on.

    this is what happens when you stay up for 24hours trying to make a faulty motherboard work. lol
    I think the disappointment is clear. but I love asus motherboards and I know they have decent quality control most of the time. I was pissed this morning though. ive had a few hours sleep. resolve has kicked in. my new board will be here Saturday. even though my psu is ok in the system I'm using now, I will take it to pieces and clean it inside. check that it is properly grounding in the new case before I install the new board. that was the first time ive ever had a faulty ethernet port. it worked but not fully even with multiple fresh installs of windows 10. so lesson learned. I'm just glad I didn't make any other posts while I was in 'wo be me' mode. aww well, on a good note, my 4000mhz g.skill GTZR went easily to 3200mhz and the cpu was @ 59 degrees with tt water 3.0. didn't bother overclocking the cpu.... will wait until Saturday. I'm gonna go throught and delete the rest of my comments here.
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