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    Without wishing to take the mickey, have you tried installing the driver off of the CD that came with the motherboard?

    My friend had this issue with an Asrock board (intel). In the end it was just easier to buy a PCI Lan card for around £10 and plug that in. It installed and works perfectly. I know it's not ideal but it has to be better than RMA'ing?


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    yeah I was kicking off dude. stayed up all night missing meals etc... not good... the first time Ive seen a problem like this and I have fixed and built a lot of pc's.
    completely lost all resolve and resorted to slagging off the manufacturer.

    ive updated the OP... thanks for the input you guys who tried to help and yes I tried every driver available for the device and installing the device was not a problem. once I managed to get the Ethernet driver installed the device would not start. all of the drivers had little effect on the outcome. you know when your router cant see the hardware theres a problem... i know there are a lot of people who would of performed tests on the Ethernet port to try and reconfigure it... I'm 99 percent sure the grounding issue killed it physically. the hardware was recognised but it wasn't configurable. if the case is still live when the board comes on Saturday i'll take the case to pieces and see if i can find the culprit as it may help others in future.cheers!
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