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    Bluetooth Issues

    I've had my G51VX for near 6 months now, and I've NEVER gotten the bluetooth to show up. I have installed Wireless console 3, then 2 and it never shows up. It's enabled in the BIOS, and when I attempt to run the bluetooth installer, it claims that it isn't detected.

    Anyone have any clues? I'm going nuts now, I really want to use my bluetooth headset and I don't feel like having a nasty adapter sticking out of the sides.

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    first off, is your wireless switch enabled? second you can hold fn and press the wireless key. i believe its the f2 button? you should be able to switch in and out from your wireless and bluetooth mode. see if that works.

    can you detect the bluetooth in your device manager? which G51VX did you purchase? not all models came with one.

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    I've tried both the wireless switch and the FN+F2 function. Device manager doesn't see it at all, it doesn't show anything in device manager either. I have a Bluetooth light in the panel below the touch pad facing the user, but it's never been lit.

    Wireless console only shows wifi, it showed WiMax or something similar at one point, but that's irrelevant anyhow.

    I bought it refurb from, it was listed that it had Wifi.

    I mean, using a small Bluetooth adapter isn't the end of the world, but it's just one more thing.

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    it can have wifi but does not mean it has bluetooth. what is the specific model of your G51Vx? it should be G51Vx-xxxxx

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    The label is badly faded, but I can make out:

    G51VX (nothing else here, not faded, just nothing there)
    Mobo Ver: G60VX

    and nothing else. Would the specific model number be in the BIOS?

    Also, if this model didn't come with a bluetooth internal card, I'm assuming the motherboard would still have an empty slot for one (seeing as the bluetooth light is in the lights below the touchpad) is there a model number I can google to get a hold of the part and install it myself (I do hardware repairs, it's no biggie, plus usually bluetooth and wifi cards are in the open on the bottom slots along with the HDD and RAM slots.)

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    Actually I just pulled up my old part number from Newegg.

    It shows as a RX05

    BTW: Would this be compatible?

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    I believe that module will work

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    Hmm, well I've ordered the module, hopefully it'll solve all these issues, I'm surprised it didn't come with bluetooth, but not shocked, it usually lists as wireless + BT, as it only showed wireless BGN, I guess it makes sense.

    Santa is bringing me a jawbone headset for Christmas, so I'm planning on syncing it to my phone, my laptop and my 360, it's got A2DP so I'm trying to push audio from my G51 to the headset, as well as take audio in for online gaming.

    I'll update the thread when I receive the unit, so anyone else with those questions will have something to look at . :P

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    look for the model number here. it should have G51Vx-xxxxx there should be a sticker on the bottom of the notebook.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    if its in RX model, i dont think it came with BT. you can order the built in module or just get a thin BT dongle.

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    So I ordered the bluetooth module and installed it myself, it picked up as soon as I turned it back on and everything is working great.

    For anyone interested in adding this module. The port for it is on the top side of the motherboard, just right of the trackpad. It's a bit tricky to get to if you aren't used to opening up laptops, and I wouldn't recommend it for beginners, but you don't even really have to take off the entire top layer, just enough to slip a finger or so through to get the cord plugged in and the tiiiiiny module stuck to the preapplied doublesided tape (covered with brown tape)

    Windows 7 installed the drivers without me even going into device manager and I just picked up my Droid and sent a file via bluetooth.

    (Santa got me the wrong Jawbone, so I'm waiting for my Jawbone ICON to come in the mail this week )

    Overall I spent $13 on the part and about 30 minutes installing the part and getting it working fine.

    Thanks for all the help guys!

    Disclaimer: Opening up to install something directly to your board HAS to invalidate your warranty, so be forewarned. I was already out, only got 3 months on my refurb.

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