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Thread: USB Problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korth View Post
    Win10 is already a buggy mess to begin with, but at least it's supported and updated on the fly by Microsoft. Can the "legit" site promise to do the same? Can they promise that their modifications to the WinOS didn't introduce any new bugs?
    I doubt they can promise that, although there is an open dialogue with the guy that compiled it in this forum:

    According to him, all he's done is use the MSMG Toolkit to strip things out and integrate RAID drivers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix
    So I used the MSMG Toolkit thanks to @Mr. Fox for guiding me on how to do this and I removed the following from the ISO:

    - Removed Telemetry
    - Removed Cortana
    - Removed all Windows Store Apps with the exception of Sticky Notes, Xbox, and OneDrive
    - Removed Windows Store App Associations
    - Removed Home Group (it never works well, I just manually share the folders that I want on the network by right clicking on them and choosing share from the properties)
    - Integrated .NET Framework 3.5
    - Added the Windows 7 Calculator
    It's up to you whether you want to trust him or not, but to me it looks like a very convenient Windows 10 installation.

    Here's a link to a tool to download vanilla ISOs if you don't like the idea of the modified one:

    If you do opt to use the Bloatware Free Edition of Windows 10 CU, there also seems to be a way around Windows Updates potentially re-installing Telemetry or other things that have been streamlined. Disable Windows Update completely using something like O&O Shutup 10 and install updates manually from here: Windows 10 Hotfix Repository
    (you have to be a member to view any threads on that forum)

    Source: Windows 10 Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition
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