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    ASUS G551JK (4710HQ) thermal throttling


    I have been using this laptop from last 2.5 years. It has a 4710hq processor and a nvidia gtx 850m GPU.

    I have noticed the following temps in gaming at load:

    CPU: 95 degrees
    GPU: 90 degrees

    I decided to undervolt my processor today by 0.050v and ran Prime95 I have noticed that the processor is able to reach a max clock speed of 2.50ghz instead of the capable 3.50 ghz clock.

    I would like to know if this is normal with notebook cooling? Has anybody else faced similar problems? Does it mean I can't expect more performance out of this machine with the amount of cooling provided by ASUS?

    Or should I be looking for better quality thermal paste and cleaning stuff. However, before going that route I would like to know if 3.50 ghz clocks are achievable without any over the top cooling solutions or not.


    PS: I got the laptop cleaned about 6 months back.

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