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    Asus Claymore LED and software problems

    I've had nothing but trouble with this keyboard which is a shame because I waited for it for soooo long. My Spatha is amazing but the claymore has a problem right now where my W and E keys are just dim. I can pull the caps off and I see the LED but they are a bit more dim than the others, so much so that i can't even see the light once the cap is on.

    Also, the ROG Armoury software is just terrible. When I first open it after booting it comes up blank. The only way to fix it is to click the wrench and attempt to upgrade firmware or software, it will then crash and then I can open it and use it normally. The options are very limited and its just an overall disappointment. If only i could use corsair's software with Asus product! Where is the ability to load complex files and have multiple effects and patterns and themes? Cmon Asus...

    Lastly is there going to be the ability to buy a keypad? The only way to get this keyboard was on Amazon and they only have the core. And now I find out you cannot buy the keypad separate? Why does Asus' peripheral department seem so lackluster?

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