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    "Final" Performance Results for my Ryzen 1700 (non-x)

    At this point the BIOS as of 9943/45 are so good that this probably represents my "final" configuration. I put "final" in quotes because tweak happens. Still, I think this is pretty much where I can get this hardware to and I'm not unhappy.

    Basic specs are:
    • Ryzen 7 1700 clocked at 3850 mhz
    • Set "Performance Bias" to "None" in the BIOS for this test
    • Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4, Dual Rank, 2 x 8 gb, clocked at 3200
    • MSI Gaming X GTX-1070 boosting consistently to 2000 mhz and sometimes a little higher

    Here's Cinebench results followed by a bit of dicussion.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was not blessed with a "golden" 1700 sample and it takes about 1.4 volts just to get to 3850 mhz but this thing still beats the pants off of my old I7-3770K clocked to 4500 mhz. Although the single thread numbers look not so impressive, Cinebench never picked up my overclock in the data so although the 3770K shows a 158 single core score, that was at a much higher clock speed than the 1700.

    Certainly I am impressed with how far AMD has come with IPC on this generation of chips. Bravo!

    Yes, Intel can beat them but to get the TOTAL performance you'd have to pay a lot more. I paid $309 USD at Micro Center for this chip and I feel it's a steal. I think I paid nearly that years ago for a USED 3770K for my system.

    So those of you who think I'm a meany to poor Asus and AMD take heart -- I will still hold their feet to the fire but they are beginning to deliver the goods with AGESA Getting my memory up to rated speed has made me happy "in principle" as well as improved the multi-threaded performance.

    Keep it up there, guys.

    I'll probably drop in some other results like Geekbench 4 and Superposition soon. Superposition is more about the card than the processor but it's a system and the processor must still perform.
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