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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltank View Post
    I got a reply from ASUS after sending them a screenshot of the DTS stuff being greyed out in the analogue input and this is their reply:

    I told them that surround sound is being advertised, but I can't get it without DTS Connect or DD Live, so it's false advertising essentially.

    Stupid situation and I don't think they'll do anything. Buggers.
    "I'm sorry to inform you that ASUS did not advertise this product having DTS Connect support. This isn't specified in any ASUS website or documentation referring to the Crosshair VI Hero. Unfortunately we cannot troubleshoot something the board isn't supposed to work with. I apologize for the inconvenience."

    Oh, they never supported it ? Then why the F*** it is working on a windows 10 build 14393 with the original drivers provided inside the ASUS DVD for the C6H ? Magic I guess...


    So, that's the first ROG and SupremeFX based board that does not support DTS, despite having a DTS tab under it's software and a optical out.

    I may call that scamming, no wonder why asus reps are not showing up to this issue.

    I wish reviewers had a look at this issue too while reviewing this motherboard, which in my book is all about leds and nothing else.

    The X370 Taichi is less expensive, more stable, has better bios and does "Supports Purity Sound™ 4 & DTS Connect".

    My advice ?? Return ur crosshair scam crap and get a better board while you can.

    Way to be put on shame ASUS !!!!! WAY TO BAIT-AND-SWITCH
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syaoran View Post
    Where can the rest of us find the modded driver? *I'm not sure of the rules here for posting modded software for their products but feel free to PM me the link if it's unclear whether or not it can be posted. *
    You can get the drivers for the AsRock X370 Taichi and patch. Their board has support for DTS and updated drivers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by virpz View Post

    [Eaten by mice]

    You can get the drivers for the AsRock X370 Taichi and patch. Their board has support for DTS and updated drivers.
    First of all, thanks!

    Is the driver on the link provided, patched already, or additional patch needed? Do not find it, but the release date is 6/27/2017. Maybe, partched already?
    Seems 2 me, that "smart" martketing men decided 2 switch off DTS for this censored targeting addon, which does not work with 5.1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by virpz View Post
    it is working on a windows 10 build 14393 with the original drivers provided inside the ASUS DVD for the C6H
    I can confirm that.

    My new build will be without ASUS PR spaghetti on my EARS. (funny... made an audio joke)

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    So, this was working in Window 10 at some point in time? With the Asus distributed drivers?

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    This one little detail makes me want to avoid ASUS in the future, I feel like it's incredibly misleading when the most advanced connector can't support advertised multi channel audio. The reply I got from ASUS reps is absurd and they are just dancing around the issue like idiots. They've stopped responding to me altogether now.

    I cannot address information that is not officially posted on the ASUS website however the link you provided shows that the issue is related to a Microsoft product, i.e Windows 10 Creators Update, not an ASUS motherboard like the Crosshair VI Hero.

    The Manual I provided is found on the ASUS support page for the motherboard and it refers to the Sonic Studio III software which is included in the audio drivers. Please download the latest drivers here
    They send me a link as if I don't already know where it is.. what a waste of time. Also, the manual they sent was NOT for the CH6, don't know why he's lying.

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    This works in my case

    HI everyone,

    Just to share how i enabled the DTS/DD in my mobo and i have WIn10 creators 1703 build 15063.447

    1. Uninstall first sonic radar, second sonic studio and finally the realtek drivers then restart)
    2. Dowload the official CH6 drivers from Asus sitebut no the latest version use this Version
    3. Extract in your computer and locate the folder WIN64
    4. Take the audio drivers that came with mobo CD and locate the same folder WIN64, then proceed to copy the RltkAPO.dll and RltkAPO64.dll
    5. Paste the copied files into WIN64 folder of drivers previously downloaded
    6. Install from Setup and not from AsusSetup


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    Many thanks

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    Angry conclusion

    So let's conclude its ASUS fault that is not working.

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    Yeah well kinda, they simply can update their drivers to a working state. Technically, it's Microsofts problem. They changed a few things under the hood - specificly how some driver models are handled. Most of the time - when you update to anything newer than the build mentioned above - you need to reinstall even the nvidia drivers. It's just not as flawless. I had the same issue a while back with logitech drivers - for certain headphones. Win10 messed with the way they work - so it's annoying. Seems like the C6H is REALLY not finished - fw or sw wise. Which is a real shame.

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    Sorry guys, final word is it's not supported and was never advertised as supported. I assumed just like you guys that since it was previously supported and the codec supports it, it would work, however we don't have the license for it on C6H.

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