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    SwedishDragon PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)G751JT
    MotherboardASUSTeK G751JT (Intel HM87 (Lynx Point))
    ProcessorIntel Core i7 4710HQ
    Memory (part number)SK Hynix 8GB (HMT41GS6AFR8A-PB)
    Graphics Card #1NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M
    Sound CardRealtek High Definition Audio
    Storage #1SanDisk X300s 128GB
    Storage #2HGST TravelStar 7 K1000 1TB
    Mouse Razer DeathAdder 3.5g
    Headset ATH-m50x
    Mouse Pad Razer Vespula
    OS Windows 8.1 64 Bit
    Network RouterNetgear
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    Question A Couple of Questions

    1. I've heard some people say that running the CPU on 'max clocks' all the time (aka. the 'Performance Mode' Power Management Plan) is 'bad', or at least bad without very good cooling, is this correct?

    1a. If my CPU goes to (or near to) the max a lot of the time (when setting Minimum Processor Capacity in Percent to '5%' [As in Balanced] instead of '100%' [As in High Performance]), because I almost always play games, have lots of tabs open in the web-browser at the same time, many programs running at the same time VLC (reading from an external HDD, non-SSD), Firefox and so on, often putting a "multi-tasking" load on the computer, would there really be much benefit to setting MPC [Minimum Processor Capacity] in Power Management to anything lower than 100%? Maybe 50-75%?

    1b. I tried using CPU-Z 1.77 RoG 64-bit yesterday, which made the computer slow down to a crawl and forced me to shutdown via holding the power button, the only recent change being the MPC setting I mentioned before.

    Updating CPU-Z 1.77 RoG 64-bit to 1.79 64-bit seemed to have done the trick, but as I could recall this issue with 1.77 happening before (after crashing once again when using 1.77), I turned the MPC setting back to '100%', which indeed did not cause the lockup to happen.

    I guess what I wonder is: Was this just a bug in the code (as I've yet to see it happen elsewhere, though I haven't really tried much), or could the computer be clocking down incorrectly?

    2. I've read that 'Fast Startup' causes trouble because of drivers not reloading properly a.s.o. (I've turned it off, it's only use is to impress friends who have never even seen the inside workings of a computer), is there any other recommendations regarding this?

    2a. In the same vein I've also turned off 'Hybrid Sleep' as I very rarely use either 'Hibernate' or 'Sleep', is it recommended to turn off 'Hybrid Sleep', or is it all up to the user?

    2b. Was there ever any problems reported with '(Regular) Sleep' or 'Hibernate'? With my specific model, ASUS laptops/desktops, or just in general.

    3. Recently there have surfaced issues regarding NVidia's graphic drivers (like for example), and the earliest driver version to include fixes for all currently known security holes seems to be '382.05', but this brings up a couple of issues for me:

    a. People have told me (both here, on the GeForce forums, and elsewhere) that I should not use drivers outside those that the OEM release (especially with ASUS laptops), which for my model (G751JT) is '348.01' (aka. old as the British queen), and I assume the security issues would be present in this version too, since it is a way earlier one, and now I am getting a bit stumped as to what to do.

    b. The current driver I use is version '375.70' and it have worked fine for more than a few months now, but it is also vulnerable to the same security exploits and so it would seem unsafe to use, but as we all know, "If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it" is especially true with NVidia drivers, and the fact that I've seen some people with the same GPU already report problems, so I don't really know what to do:

    Update for security (and risk breaking stuff with a varying degree of destruction), or stick to the one that has worked so far?

    PS. I did do some research on the above issues, but the results where highly inconclusive (that and it was the middle of the night, so I could barely think).

    Thankful for any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwedishDragon View Post
    2. I've read that 'Fast Startup' causes trouble because of drivers not reloading properly a.s.o. (I've turned it off, it's only use is to impress friends who have never even seen the inside workings of a computer), is there any other recommendations regarding this?
    Just wanted to mention for this item that you should be able to just restart Win8 or Win10 when necessary rather than shutting down to get around this issue, so something to consider if you want to keep fast startup enabled.

    Whenever there are any possible software-related issues, it's a good idea to just try restarting Win8/10 (assuming fast startup is still enabled which is the default setting) first to see if it makes any difference before trying other things and something you may want to get in the habit of doing occasionally whether you see problems or not.

    Hope this helps.
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    Laptop (Model)Asus G752VY-DH72 (17") and Asus G752VT-DH74 (17")
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    ProcessorIntel Core i7-6950X Extreme 10-core 25MB Cache 3.0 GHz
    Memory (part number)Corsair Vengeance LPX Red DDR4 DRAM 64GB-4x16 3333 (CMK64GX4M4B3333C16R)
    Graphics Card #1Sapphire Nitro Radeon R9 Fury 4GB HBM Backplate
    Graphics Card #2Sapphire Nitro Radeon R9 Fury 4GB HBM Backplate
    Sound CardAsus SupremeFX Hi-Fi Audio DAC
    Monitor(2) Dell UltraSharp U2515H 25-inch monitors
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    Headset HyperX Cloud II
    OS Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
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    Regarding your question number 3, I have lived by the motto for many years (wisdom for many) to keep the latest drivers if possible. Always seems to keep things running better, through the latest fixes, patches, features, etc. I've never had a problem with NVidia drivers on this model Asus laptop (G752VY). Pretty much every driver update allows you to roll back, so if you discover conflicts in almost all cases it is easy to recover backwards, at least in my experience.

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