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Thread: Rma Experience

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    Rma Experience

    Good morning.
    I have a problem with the rma of my gtx 1080 ti strix.Briefly, my card has a problem with led on the backplate logo.
    The problem is well visible in the photos of this thread: did not start this topic but the pictures and the problem are captured by me.Briefly speaking backplate has a problem with displaying some colors, (bios updated etc).I rma my card to the store and they sent it back to the asus site, after two weeks I got it back with the reply "bug not found-bios / firmware / software upgrade".
    I got my card and decided to check again all bios, driver, new aura sync soft, everything for nothing, even grabed gtx 1080 strix from friend to check and his card works as it should in my pc.I sent the card back to the store for the second time and now I'm waiting over a week,-I'm afraid they will again send me a card with hidden defect- I'm disappointed with the service of the asus, I know someone would say it's just a problem with the leds, but I think that for all this money should work as Asus provides.Not to mention I bought a card on April 12 and I used it for 7 days only.Sorry for my English but this is not my native language.
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    hi bobovito , I apologize for the delayed response
    Could You PM Your RMA number or CASE ID , I'll follow it an check with service team
    I apologize for any inconvenience.

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