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    Question Help: G752VT-DH72 + Nvidia drivers >416 + DisplayPort = stuck at 640 x 480

    Just curious if anyone has a similar issue to this:

    Laptop G752VT-DH72 (Nvidia GeForce 970m)
    Monitor AOC G2460PG G-sync
    Connector (laptop) Mini-DisplayPort -> DisplayPort adapter -> DisplayPort cable -> DisplayPort (monitor)
    OS Windows 10 (Home – 1809)

    When using older versions of the Nvidia driver (<=399.24) the connection works fine and the drivers confirm that the G-Sync monitor is connected at 144 Hz.

    However, when I upgrade the drivers to >=411.24, the monitor is stuck at only 640x480 resolution.

    The workaround I have in place now is to connect it through the Thunderbolt 3 port using an adapter. It does confirm a connected G-sync at 144 Hz. With that I’m able to use the latest GeForce drivers.

    I’ve tried updating the AOC driver’s, reinstalling drivers, etc. but no luck. Rolling back the GeForce drivers and it detects the G-Sync monitor so I know it’s not a cable or adapter issue. I also tried it with a Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort full length cable but have the same results.

    Any suggestions?


    UPDATE: After testing I can confirm the DisplayPort works up to GeForce driver 399.24 but stops working on the next release of 411.63.

    My same question on the Nvidia forum brought back a comment to basically stay with the Asus certified driver of the laptop which is 382.05. Why does that matter in this case?!
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