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    Banned form GURU3D forums for pointing users to Asus GPU TWEAK software

    Something very interesting happened to me in the last week. I was actually banned from the guru3D forum with no reason stated. I do have the idea why, though. I have pointed several asus vga owners, having problems with their custom PCB cards and MSI afterburner, to the latest Asus GPU Tweak software. I though that guru3D's forum is not related to MSI but i was wrong. The moderators of the forum are only posting that Afterburner do not support other cards but the MSI once. That is cool and i don't blame them for not posting every bit of information about other software that can support those user's cards. But i am no moderator, i am no MSI, ASUS, XFX or any representative, but a user that can help someone that don't know what to do in that case.
    Even that i stated that the advice i post are no advertisement of any kind and i do it with only the willing to help i was just banned. They even don't tried to point me the reason.

    It's not important to help people, it's important to not offend MSI.

    It's very cute, how a mature hardware review site like guru3D, went from neutral to fully dependent from MSI. I does not have an answer yet and, as i told, i don't have even the reason for the ban. I am pretty sure though, that non MSI post / threads are not welcomed there, not after Rivatuner became MSI's overclocking tool (MSI Afterburner). A unfortunate thing to find after been a true fan of the site and software they support.
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    While unfortunate if true, I wouldn't assume that is why you were banned. I know admins (not on this forum) who have accidentally banned the wrong person so even if you've done nothing wrong there's a chance someone screwed up. I would push the issue to try and find out what happened. If it was a mistake then they will probably restore you and give an apology. If they did it for the reason you mentioned then you're probably better off without such people.
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    I suggest contacting the moderator who banned you for more information bout the ban.

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