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    Fans forced to 100% when CPU reaches 75C

    Been using a PRIME Z270-A, along with an i7 7700K, for a little while and I've got to say that as my first Asus product, I'm pretty disappointed. I've noticed that in both BIOS and AI Suite III fan control options, the fans attached to the motherboard force themselves to 100% speed when the CPU reaches 75 degrees Centigrade, and there doesn't seem to be any way to fix this. Having bought Asus specifically for their reputation in fan control options, and seeing other options like the "Extreme Quiet" PWM option and fan spin-up/spin-down time variation, this seems like a really strange limitation for two reasons:

    1) Competitors seem to offer much broader temperature control. MSI allows at least 85C, Asrock seems to allow 90C, and Gigabyte allows full control up to 100C. So why is Asus so behind the competition in this, especially in this day of both silent systems and easy overclocking?

    2) Intel themselves have said that a 7700K reaching 75 - 80C is "considered expected and normal". So why is Asus ramping up every fan in my system to 100% as if it's some kind of critical temperature?

    Is there any way to bypass this limit? I've tried both in the AI Suite III application and by modifying the saved profiles within the application folder, but neither seem to work.
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