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    New ROGer Array Ninjastrike PC Specs
    Ninjastrike PC Specs
    MotherboardROG Strix X470
    ProcessorRyzen 7 2700x
    Memory (part number)32 GB (4x8) Patriot Viper 4 @3000 MHz
    Graphics Card #1Geforce RTX 2080 Ti FE
    OS Windows 10 Pro

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    Apr 2020

    Sorry about the necro, but I FINALLY found a way to get around this issue entirely, just from BIOS. I have 2 corsair ML140s on the top of my case that would go full blast whenever my ryzen 2700X hit 75/76 C, and I've spent hours of frustration trying to find a way to fix this. I'm not willing to go the AI suite route because that software has issues with custom fan profiles and just isn't an option for me.

    Anyway, here's my BIOS only solution that actually works:
    1. Go to the Monitor tab
    2. Go to the Qfan option at the bottom
    3. Navigate to the desired fan that you want adjusted
    4. Under "Temperature Source, select Motherboard from the dropdown.

    This makes the fans stop paying attention to the CPU temperature, and only respond to the temperature sensor on the motherboard itself which is entirely independent from the CPU and will almost always exhibit lower temps.
    Now, my case fans will theoretically go max only when the motherboard temp sensor reaches 75 C, which on my Strix x470 never actually happens (for example, I'm idling at 30 C for motherboard right now). I'm not sure if this works with the CPU fan, but for case fans it's a functional workaround (at least on my motherboard, no guarantee on the x570 ones since those chipsets do tend to run hotter and might actually reach 75 C)

    This isn't a perfect solution, and a BIOS update from ASUS would be way better, but until then this will at least stop the problem from happening in some cases. The main issue with this workaround is that FAN CURVES WILL NOT WORK. Because the fan control is now pulling data from somewhere that is not the CPU, if you have fan curves, they will be entirely ignoring the CPU temperature, and just going by the alternate reading from the motherboard instead. This isn't a big deal for case fans, which you can just set to manual, use whatever power percentage best balances your airflow, and forget them, but for a CPU cooler this would be a large issue, unless you want to set it at a constant speed. Because of this I DO NOT RECOMMEND using this approach with a CPU cooler.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. ASUS, pleeeease fix this!

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