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    Unhappy I need a pre RMA checklist for a no power C6H

    I'm not going to get into how frustrating this product's launch has been for me and my customer, or how disappointed I am as both a loyal, enthusiast, technician and a long time custom system builder that has used ASUS mainboards almost exclusively in build or repair I've ever done. I made a rant at the end of this post if you're interested in that. I'm glad you guys are having a good time with product, however it's basically been a nightmare for me, and just when I thought everything was finally over, I'm in a no power on scenario.

    The issue is, I started a service ticket, but the tech that got assigned to me clearly didn't read my e-mail and sent me "a sorry your system won't POST" e-mail and gave me a generic checklist, with virtually no items applicable to a no power scenario.

    I don't expect it to be a long checklist, just need to know of anything specific to this board that I might want to try before RMA time.

    No power after a week or so of working normally


    No power with case switch or START button.
    No q CODE or RGB led's
    Only "CPU ready light", START button and CMOS reset button are lit

    Already Tried:
    Swapping PSU and power cord with known working one
    Clearing CMOS
    Discharging static electricity
    Re-seating/plugging everything but CPU


    C6H 1.3
    BIOS 0902
    32 GB Gskill flare X 2400 (16x2)
    RX 480 reference
    Samsung 960 EVO
    Seasonic m12 EVO PSU
    No overclocking, temps were always very low, UPS was used, ect, ect

    I've never really experienced such a sudden and complete board failure in one of my builds, I thought this sort of
    thing only happened to Microstar customers.

    Thanks in advance to all the people helping, I think that's all you need to know to answer my question.


    I'm at a loss on this one big time. I had already lost the future business of this particular customer, by the time I trying to explain the 4th failed pre-order. Now, I'm just trying not to become liable for refunding the entire project or having to replace the board out of pocket. I've taken quite a bit of damage to my reputation with what has to be the worst board launch in ASUS history and are not looking forward to the disassembly and reassembly process involved in replacing the board on this particular build.

    Again, up until now, all my issues have been related to the initial availability of the product and not the product itself. I still believe ASUS makes a good product, because this is the first time a new board has ever failed in 10 years. If it would have arrived DOA in early March after my 1st or even second pre order I placed in February, my reaction would have been "it's about time I got one that doesn't work". However the horrid launch, combined with act of it dying after already built the thing, seems out of character for this company and possibly related to launching a product too soon, or just some weird stuff companies have to do when the demand greatly exceeds the availability ( I wish I was kidding about my fear that I paid for a new board and received a review sample or a refurb. There were other things that made the think this before the board failed, like NIB cosmetic issues and abnormal 1st power on BIOS settings) .

    Whatever happened, I'm now depending on their product support and you guys in the online community to maintain my positive perception of the brand. I really don't want my company to switch to ugly looking and lesser performing Gigabyte boards just because I know I won't have to worry paying for the same board 5 times, or even after I do, it suddenly failing AFTER a hard tube build that I logged 20+ hours on. I hope I can get a fast resolution to this, so I can stay a member of the ASUS community and become active on here. I would love to find literally anyone that thinks my first gen am2 crosshair is actually cool and not in dire need of a replacement.
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