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    EK really stepped up to finish this and make it right. As we have said, the solution is quite simple with a thermal pad and a small heatsink with two holes, so it would not have made any sense for EK not to do it.

    I haven't received any notification saying it was on its way. Still showing Oct 2 as when it will be released.
    The product listing still says Oct 2. But login to your EK account and view your order. Does it now show a "Estimated Delivery Date" located above the "Order Date" and "Shipping Address"?

    My order did not have the "Estimated Delivery Date" yesterday. But it was updated this morning to show estimated delivery being tomorrow. Like I said, I'll believe that delivery date if they ship it today. If they ship it tomorrow, I doubt that it will arrive in the U.S. by tomorrow unless Superman is delivering it ;-)

    As I mentioned in a previous post, EK frequently slides the dates forward, either due to design or supply issues, or just simply because their monoblock assembly staff is not that big so they often slide pre-orders into later weeks because their staff is too busy this week fulfilling the earlier pre-orders:

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