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    Feedback on PC build

    Hi Everyone!

    A little bit of background: This is my first build, but I have a decent amount of experience with computers and electronics in general. I'll be using this equally for gaming and school. I'm studying mechanical engineering/comp sci, so lots of 3d modeling, simulations (FEA, CFD, etc) coding and so on.

    I already have the case,SSD, RAM, aio cooler, and GPU. Primarily asking about the cpu/mobo combo. Although if a good argument is made for changing something else, I would consider it as I can still return some parts.

    Budget: ~$1500
    Main uses of intended build: Equal parts gaming and school (3D modeling, FEA and CFD simulation, coding)
    Parts required: Mainly just CPU and Motherboard (obviously looking to stay with ASUS for the mobo)
    Previous build information (list details of parts): Laptop (Dell XPS 15 with i7-3612QM, nvidia gt640M, and ssd)
    Monitor resolution: ASUS PG278Q 1440p@140hz
    Storage requirements: SSD for OS and some games. HDD for all else, probably 1 or 2 TB.
    Will you be overclocking: yes (hopefully to 5ghz)
    Any motherboard requirements : no
    Extra information about desired system: Windows 10 and probably linux.

    Should I wait for X299 and the i7-7740x? What will the X299 mobos be priced? Should I switch to AMD? Ryzen? Under $500 for CPU/Mobo combo, I do have a Microcenter nearby.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you.

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    if you are going for windooz 10 go for the pro verdion, in normal you dont have mutch you can do in networking for example or other things, werry limited on the basic/home.
    the z270 is cheaper then the upcoming x299 by a long shot.
    the x299 have more cores and are more aimed at ppl who renders ( yeah gamers too like ppl who renders game captures++ ) so not mutch to gain on that.

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