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    G20 Video Failure, Overheating/Lack of Power

    Hello, everyone! I have the G20 that comes with the 750 and my setup came with the 230W brick. I have been using this PC for the better part of a year and while playing Overwatch my screen either locks up on red, yellow, blue, or black screens while I've been playing for 30 to 45 mins. The audio freezes about 5 seconds after. I have the game display the GPU temps and I have yet to see it over 80 C. I haven't had any lockups in any other games even under a heavy load with the graphics almost maxed. I have done a fair amount of research and tried various things like selecting the lowest graphic settings possible, making my game have my desktop resolution, swapping to windowed, and even installing Afterburner to have better control over my GPU temps.

    My inital thought process was to purchase the 180W brick and use them both together. I also figured while I'm buying things to grab a new GPU and upgrade to 16GB of RAM. Using the threads here to reference.

    Anyone have any advice? Am I on the right path? Thanks a lot in advance!
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