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    GTX 750 running hot on G20 AJ. Advice to bring down temperature?

    The title basically describes my problem.

    It'll stay at 80-85 C during gaming sessions but if I let it run hotter using MSI afterburner I'm sure It could run hotter than that.

    I mostly play overwatch and use geforce experience to optimize my games to my card and for Overwatch I run it on High settings with a couple on epic on 1080P resolution and I get good frame rates, 70-80fps, but it stays in the low 80s.

    I've also tested the temperature while playing the lawbreakers beta on high settings and was getting 50-70 fps but it still ran up to 85 C.

    My CPU gets to a max of 65 C so we're good there.

    A couple thing's I tried

    -Lowering to 720 on those settings in Overwatch and It only ran about 2 degrees cooler but was still 80-82 C.

    -I removed the backplate that's there to have more ventilation to the GPU but it still gets hot to those temperatures.

    The next thing I'm going to try and the only other thing I think might have any effect is replacing the Thermal paste with some MX-4 but was coming here to see if anyone has tried that and if it's worth replacing or if it's just going to run hot.

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