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    Strix X99 MB Bios OC Broadwell-E Presets

    Need help or better understanding. My system is the Asus Strix X99 MB, Bios 1504, I7-6800k, W10, Samsung 960 m.2 1TB Boot Drive, Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200MHz, EVGA GTX 970, and Corsair H100i v2. I load optimized bios defaults and ensure XMP is enabled. I noticed in the bios there are options to oc gaming presets for various Broadwell-E cores. For my CPU I chose the 6 core gaming preset. After a bunch of restarts, the oc fails. I've looked cursory at the bios settings for the 6 core preset and it changes a number of the settings (e.g. voltages) beyond the multiplier.

    I've previously used the AI Suite III to achieve 4.5GHz oc so don't think it's my system as to why this preset oc fails. Since it's a standard preset, I would have expected it to work. Any ideas? Anyone have experience with these presets?

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    You may want to read this three:*
    The link in the first post is the most important...

    Not every system is the same, the best way to achieve a stable OC is to do it manually...*

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