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    Quote Originally Posted by Praz View Post

    While your constant whining at places like are tolerable because they can be ignored you will not post at this forum in a derogatory manner to any member of this forum including myself. Consider this the only post that will be made cautioning your manner of posting.


    Elmor is ASUS. Using a BIOS that he has posted is not going to invalidate the motherboard's warranty. The Beta BIOS versions are being posted at because of the number of users there in addition to the reason Elmor previously gave on this forum.
    This still doesn't really explain why we get 0 communication from anyone from Asus.
    Or why the beta hasn't been uploaded to the actual download site if it works properly.

    I'm trying to stay patient, however I notice both Gigabyte and ASRock have had beta BIOS' up for quite a while now...
    Hopefully the explanation is they don't want to release a new BIOS until it works perfectly & includes RGB control inside of the BIOS.

    I'm also only able to get a 3.7 max OC on my 1700 which makes me more frustrated about the whole situation, however I understand that this has little to do with BIOS updates. A decent OC on my memory would heal the pain hahaha

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