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    What I am going to say does not apply to you personally. So, please don't take it bad, it is not a personal attack. I appreciate you keep me updated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bahz View Post
    I understand this may be confusing to some people
    I am a developer and I worked in big industries, I know what a developing process is. That includes how a new release is supposed to be published.
    I don't find that confusing at all. I do find that extremely unprofessional though. Your dev teams are not supposed to publish anything for a specific product if they are not absolutely sure this release will have no side effects on other products. How about they wait until they get everything right and then release something that improves the overall quality of this piece of sh*t of software ??

    This is complete bullsh*t, and honestly, if this is the kind of approach they're taking with Aura, Armoury, etc... No wonder they're completely broken.
    I'm very disappointed.

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    Some issues with ROG Armoury using the Claymore Core


    I have encountered some issues while using the ROG Armoury software (version 1.01.27) to setup and customize the lighting effects for my Asus ROG Claymore Core which I just bought. (with the 80% firmware version 1.06.00).
    • First of all, while browsing the different color patterns and designs, I have noticed that the rainbow wave effect is misspelled (written as "RANBOW" instead).
    • Second of all, I have noticed that the section "color pattern" under "lighting - custom effect - custom setting - wave effect" only offers presets instead of actually letting the user choose which color(s) to use in the pattern. For example, I wanted to make my keyboard lighting to have a custom 2-color wave effect with a blue-ish turquoise and a vibrant, Razer-like green (as I have found out that they look really well on this keyboard). However, I find myself incapable of changing the presets of either tones of yellow/orange or red/blue. I would like to know whether there is a workaround to this, which allows you to change the colors of the pattern, or if not, then I would like to see this issue addressed in the next update (for the users to be able to change the colors however they please in those patterns).
    • Third of all, also on the "custom setting" tab, I would like to be able to select the ROG emblem as well, as an option to customize the LEDs on the keyboard. I can select all the keys on the keyboard separately, however the emblem cannot be selected. I think a possible workaround to this is by selecting all the keys one by one and adding an effect to them, and then select the "ALL" option from the presets (which possibly controls the emblem LEDs as well), to add an effect to the emblem alone. However I'm not sure of this, and it would be much easier to just be able to select the emblem separately.
    These being said, I think that you're doing a great job with the Armoury in general, however I do think that some issues regarding optimization and ease of use still need to be addressed. I will also attach a few pictures representing the exact places where I encountered these issues. Click image for larger version. 

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