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Thread: Aura OPC Server

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    Aura OPC Server

    Alright, so this is (at least from what I can see) the first published little bit of software using the SDK. Yay!

    OpenPixelControl is a very simple open-source protocol for controlling LED lighting. Considering I use it for just about everything on my system (HD120 fans connected to a fadecandy, Razer mouse and gamepad through Colore and bindings), I figured it would be a good idea to just go ahead and put some stuff together to make the two work happily.

    The OPC example code includes a very basic TCP socket server written in C for Linux, which I took the liberty of (trivially) adapting to Windows. The server uses a simple callback for handling responses, so beyond that it was only a few lines to glue the server to the SDK.

    All of your system components are mapped to pixels on channel 0, in the order that they appear when queried. The default port is 7890, but can be changed by providing an alternate as the first argument.

    If there are any problems with it, let me know. Right now, there's an issue with the update speed, as noted in another thread on here, but hopefully that'll be fixed soon enough, and since it would appear to be on the Aura DLL side, won't alter the API nor how this program works.

    The source code I'm attaching doesn't include the RogAuraService.[cpp/h] files, as that's part of the SDK, and is simply the bare C/C++ files, easily added to a new Visual Studio console application project.

    Version: 1.0
    Source code
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