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    Quote Originally Posted by ressonantia View Post
    If thats the case, then how can we be sure we're not pushing too much voltage to the CPU to cause degradation then? Its made much worse with the 1600X as it seems overclocking on those only relies on offset voltages. I can run 4.0GHz @ 1.375 (VID?) + 0.00500 with LLC 3 and that passes stability tests or what I run now which is 3.95GHz @ 1.375 - 0.0050 with LLC auto. Max temps were about 77C @ 4GHz and 68C @ 3.95GHz.

    Also in that same vein, can someone explain to me the difference or the mismatch between Vcore and VID? Mine seems to be stuck at 0.988V (bios 1201) or 1.000V (bios 1401)
    Can't answer VID question. The way to verify voltage is to use a meter. See the fellow above who said his board they match.

    Just like JustinThyme suggested, calibration can be an issue. Is every chip's voltage sensing precisely calibrated? Not sure of the answer but I think not. I suspect that therefore AMD's recommendation for maximum voltage probably takes into consideration any error in that to ensure you don't seriously overvolt your Ryzen CPU.

    For those of you who didn't see it in the manual, ASUS has thoughfully provided some test points they call the "Pro Band" or "Proband". It allows direct voltage measurements that would be very difficult otherwise. See your manual for more information. Is is on the edge of the motherboard between the edge and the mobo power connector (the big one, not the CPU power connector).
    Tired of trolls and mods that act like this platform has no problems and it's the users fault. Later.

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