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    Quote Originally Posted by haihane View Post
    in a given forum; or in any forum rather, you want as many people interested in giving advices.
    it's in the administrator's interest as well as user/ community interest.

    i don't see a problem with additional advice being given.
    (yeah i saw the eleiya@ASUS' post, i'm a rebel. rawr).

    i do have a problem if the advice i give (somehere in this forum) is being shot down by some wannabe suckup to score himself brownie points. it's in my own vested interest (and yours too) that i discourage such behavior, no?
    There is no advice in this post, though

    Perhaps the the OP should try reseating the CPU and trying the board outside of the enclosure...
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    Yeah...I noticed the OP was not taking people's troubleshooting advice other than putting the same 4 DIMMS into random slots and complaining that it doesn't magically work.

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