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    1401 freezes computer on wakeup with any CPU or RAM OC. Unable to flashback to 1201.

    1401 had me really excited. I was running my 1700 at 4GHz and the RAM at 2933MHz!! Was instantly seeing huge performance gains in Battlefield 1! As far as I could tell everything was stable. Even after a couple restarts things seemed A-Okay. It wasn't until I woke the PC up from sleep that I started running into issues. It instantly locks up with error code FF (a couple times 55) if any overclock is present. After hours of trial and error, it appears ANY RAM overclock or CPU overclock triggers this lock-up now. Only when the PC is fully stock will it wake up without freezing. Boosting the ram any amount over 2133 locks it up. Any overclock over 3GHz is locking it up too. Since April I have been running the “gamer” overclock profile in the BIOS fully stable on every new BIOS release, but even it locks up with 1401. What is going on??? I haven't read anyone else having these issues.

    I tried to flash back to 1201 through the bios, but it said it was a bad BIOS version. So I tried a manual flashback with 1201 renamed to CH6.CAP and that wont work either! I downloaded direct from ASUS two times in case of file corruption. I just want to get 1401 off my motherboard so I can go back to using the gamer OC profile. The 3GHz stock speed is killing performance. If I can figure out what's causing the 1401 crashes that would be even better!

    Thank you in advanced for any assistance : )

    Update: So there's a chance it was caused by GPU Tweak? I stopped that program from loading on startup, and since I have woken my computer from sleep 3x in a row with the 4GHz OC profile and 2933MHz and no crash. I'm so confused lol. Continuing to test

    Update 2
    : Locking up upon wakeup with error code FF again. It wasn't GPU Tweak. GPU Tweak is only messing with AURA. I didn't change anything. I love the performance boost I'm getting from 1401, so for now I'm just going to fully shut down the PC each time I get off. I would love to figure out the sleep/wake up issue since I normally put my computer to sleep 10+ times during a daily session to conserve electricity. Luckily cold boot times seem to be a hair faster.
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