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    Need 1.475v - 1.5v for 5.0 GHZ on APEX~?

    Anyone on an APEX not able to get 5Ghz without going over 1.4v?

    I spent a small fortune getting this "premium" board.

    And it feels like it's wasted.

    I've tried increasing voltage step-by-step under "additional turbo v.core". But I just can't pass Realbench at 5Ghz unless I start hitting stupid voltages (like 1.46v).

    For AVX enabled stuff (like Prime95 or OCCT) I can't even do 5GHZ at 1.475 - 1.5v with the coolant temp at 13c using a Water Chiller.

    The BIOS for this board though -- is HUGE however.. especially for someone coming across from AMD.

    The amount of functions/options is phenominal.

    Surely there must be a way to get me to 5GHz at no higher than 1.392v on the APEX? (some equation of all the settings available)?

    I have a boxed i7 7700k.

    Thanks for any input anyone can provide!

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    1) The Vcore required is CPU dependent.
    2) The set Vcore and actual Vcore will be different according to LLC.
    3) Some CPUs benefit from de-lidding/re-lidding, and using better thermal paste. Usually, you can get an extra 100-150MHz overclocking headroom from the CPU, due to lower temps.
    4) To answer your question, yes, on the Apex my CPU will do 5GHz with less than 1.40V, quite easily.


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    The Apex is an amazing motherboard but it doesn't do miracles if your CPU is below average.

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