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    [URGENT SUPPORT REQUIRED] PC reboot when installing driver of ESSENCE STX II

    Hi guy

    I change my PC with an Asus X370 Pro + Ryzen 1700x.
    PC run great, but i cant use my Asus Essence STX II, i pluged it and into devices manager i can see it, but when i try to install the drivers or try to update the driver the PC reboot automatically without reason.

    What is this ?

    - I tryed to remove and reinstall the card into the PCI-ex
    - I checked if the power cable was correctly plugged
    - I tryed to format the Windows and try to install Essence driver first at all but same problem ..... i run the setup of driver and .... instant restart !
    -If i go into devices manager and try to install driver manually, same thing.


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