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    SupremeFX how do I disable automatic impedance detection & amplification?


    I have a question related to your SupremeFX software. I recently changed my motherboard with a Z270H and it came with a built in Asus SupremeFX sound card. Everyone's been praising these sound cards, but i find the software used for them very blunt.

    One issue I have with it is that every time I plug in my Asus Orion headset (with impedance of 32 Ohms, yes i know), the settings always automatically default to "Performance" amplification. Every time after I plug them in, and every time after a reboot, it always defaults to this.

    What i don't understand is why aren't we allowed to overwrite this setting and just have the option to set them as we wish and not have them revert back to automatic? I am pretty sure i used this headset on amplification levels equivalent to "Extreme" before, with my old motherboard (also running the Realtek drivers, but the older versions, the ones that actually let you apply settings and remember your choice -__- ). And yes I am aware and also do not give a damn about "recommended" levels of amplification, I know what the headset is capable of delivering and I have used it as such for a year + now.

    I found out that one option to workaround this is to move the actual audio manager application (RtkNGUI64.exe) out of the driver folder of Realtek. This way, after reboot it couldn't find the audio manager and somehow it would heep the last known settings intact, instead of automatically reverting to "Performance" amplification levels just because my headset is under a certain impedance.

    This whole thing is bull**** btw, and i appreciated realtek's older interface ( ) a lot more than I appreciate this new one. Please let me know if there's a solution to disable the automatic impedance detection, or if not, if there's any way of reverting to the old realtek interface.

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