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Thread: cant get SDK

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    Question cant get SDK

    i have the SDK downloaded and put into my system 32 but whenever i open up aura core, it wont show the extra feature in aura core that are in the SDK, plz help

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    What extra features are you hoping for? Actually the SDK can do less than the actual Aura application, since it can't configure addressable LED's yet.

    SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It's a way for programmers to take control of the lighting themselves, instead of relying on software such as Aura core. For example the Aurora project integrates keyboard lights (and other peripherals) with games. So that keys will light up according to what's happening in games. In this example, this works for Logitec, Corsair, Razer, Clevo, Cooler Master, Steelseries, Wooting because they all have working SDK's. There's several other projects which have tried to integrate the SDK, but no one got around its bugs and issues. Last I heard was one guy contacting Asus for access to the low level drivers in order to not have to deal with the SDK and have all features, but that thread fell silent months ago.

    If you're not a programmer, you won't get anything out of the SDK. But if you look around, the SDK forum here is abandoned. There doesn't seem to be any support towards the SDK, and I'd be surprised if it's still in development. Best you can do is contact Asus to but a little more pressure on them to fix their SDK.

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