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    Question Computer logging off internet after 5 minutes

    We are in need of some serious help. We are using an Asus ROG Model G751J. Windows 10.

    For whatever reason, our computer is constantly shutting the internet off, or something. We can't quite figure it out. The WIFI is still connected. And it's not the router. All other computers/phones in the house work fine. Our laptop is the one that "logs off" the internet.

    We have tried using different browsers (frequently use Chrome, but have tried Explorer and Firefox) and it makes no difference.

    We have tried deleting antivirus. We were using BitDefender, but have since uninstalled it to no avail.

    If our computer goes to sleep/hibernates, it wakes up and the internet MAY work for 5 minutes before ceasing. The internet will say "waiting for" for instance and just sit there until it loads a screen that says something along the lines of "error loading page" etc.

    In order to get it working again, we have to sign out, and sign back in. This tends to only happen when the computer has gone to sleep, but occasionally will do it upon normal start up as well.

    My husband found a setting that was allowing the computer to "save power" by shutting of the wifi router in the computer (something along those lines) but he shut that aspect off, so it's not allowed to do that any more. I have since checked that setting when the internet stops working, and the box is unchecked, so it's not that.

    SERIOUSLY. If anyone has any ideas, they are GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you.

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