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    I bought my Vive around a year ago. The honeymoon period lasted about 1 month then I settled down and now mainly use it for Flight Sims where its a game changer. I can no longer fly the sims just using a monitor as the VR gives you that next level of immersion. It's a match made in heaven. I do look forward to Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR as I'd like to experience those games in VR. As newer HMDs with higher resolutions are released, the biggest problem I foresee is that the graphics hardware is nowhere near powerful enough to run them properly. I have 2 rigs for VR, one with NVidia/Intel gear & the other with all AMD gear. Even with the 1080Ti it struggles at times to push out a true 90FPS without having to dial down the settings.

    A pleasant surprise for me was how fast the all AMD rig actually is. I expected it to be slower then it turned out to be. From my own experience, Vega isn't the dog it's perceived to be. Sure it isn't a DX11 beast (my 1080Ti covers that) but it certainly gives the 1080Ti and run for it's money in DX12 & Vulkan (sometimes outperforms it). Vega feels like it still has a lot more to give performance wise.

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