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    Fan Control in UEFI

    Hello All.

    I am trying to get rid of Asus AI Suite, as it really consumes too much memory and process and the only reason I have it running is for chassis fan control.

    I've decided to use the UEFI controls in my Asus Rampage V Edition 10. (latest available version as for today).

    I would like to ask some questions. Do you guys use PWM or DC mode? And when moving the charts, (temp and %) what is linked to? Chassis temp? CPU Temp? Package?

    Does anyone knows?

    Thank you in advance.

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    what i'm sure of:
    the deciding factor between PWM or DC mode in your bios settings is mainly determined by what kind of fan you have plugged into that header.
    if it's the 3 pin type, select DC mode.
    if it's the 4 pin type, select PWM mode.

    that's because, with 3 pin fan types, the speed is controlled by controlling the voltage supplied to the fan header(s). for 4 pin fan types, the speed is controlled by the fourth pin (signal) sent to the fan on how fast it should spin.

    And when moving the charts, (temp and %) what is linked to? Chassis temp? CPU Temp? Package?
    not sure:
    if memory serves me correctly, each fan settings, for example:
    mine, CPU fan header, links to CPU temperature as read by the internal sensor chip(?). whether it reads actual CPU temp, package temp, core temp, is of little importance to me.
    or simply put, i don't know lol.

    Chassis temperature, probably some sensor on the motherboard.
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    as haihane lists
    Up to You Fan type while setting
    4 pin type, select PWM mode.
    3 pin type, select DC mode.
    actually You can rely on AI suite adjust the fans accordingly.

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