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    Well thats unfortunate to hear, I'll try everything on my laptop in a little bit to be sure tho thanks for the help! You wouldn't happen to have another beta firmware for the wireless receiver would you? I don't know that I'm convinced about the mouse being defective considering there's a lot of other posts on here with people's Spathas behaving just like mine and everything works flawlessly except for armoury detecting the mouse when in wireless mode. It still works in wireless mode, the software just doesn't see it. I kind of think that the reason its not being detected properly by armoury is because I've yet to successfully update the firmware for the wireless receiver despite the mouse and armoury now being fully upgraded so perhaps that could be the problem?

    The only dock firmware I came across is ROG_SPATHA_Dock_FW1.32(Beta).exe located on the Spatha support page ( ) so perhaps there's another version I could try since that one crashes as soon as I launch it every time? I'd even be willing to try the previous receiver firmware if the only caveat is that the charge indicator lights are incorrect. The mouse is used 80% of the time plugged in anyway so gets its charge that way, I rarely see myself needing to use the dock to charge it anyway. Thanks again for the help, I'll update later once I have a chance to try everything on my laptop.

    Other idea, is there any chance windows 10 could have stepped in and installed a generic driver for the receiver and that's the issue? Might explain why the receiver works but won't update the firmware? If that is a possiblity, do you know what I can identify the receiver as in device manager to attempt to uninstall the windows driver/where would I find the correct driver to replace it with?
    To my knowledge there are also a lot of users that have a perfectly working Spatha on the latest FW and SW versions listed on the product page so it seems to be a hardware issue with your mouse. Please confirm if it also has the same issue on your laptop which should verify that it's an issue with the mouse or dock.

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