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    High load temperatures with maximus IX extreme

    Hi guys.

    First post, just wanting some advice. Bought the maximus IX extreme for a new setup. It has a dedicated 3.120 radiator for cooling. Aquastream XT pump with good flow. Normal temp CPU sits around 30 degrees (C), water temp is 24 just after the radiator with an inline temp sensor. Now when I stress test to add load the CPU temps jump straight up to 76. They are stable at this temp, and water temp bumps a few degree but nothing much, this just seems like quite a high CPU temp to me. I have the i7 7700K running at 5k.

    Any advice? Is this normal? I was wondering if I have a bad seating of the cooler on the CPU but really don't want to have to pull my rig apart (all hard tubed) to check if you all think that is pretty standard.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Idle at 30C is normal. Load temperature of 76C may be good or bad depending on how stressful the test is. A test running AVX instructions could get to 76C and not be cause for concern. Realbench or non-AVX parts of OCCT are good stability and cooling tests and should stay in the 60's or lower. Prime 95 is all stress - heat too high - and no test in that it doesn't tell you when things are going wrong short of a crash. Prime 95 at 76C would be acceptable, but not of much more use than checking cooling. If the stress test is benign, there may be some things to check.

    Things to check start with Vcore as Chino is getting to -- with custom water cooling, about 1.35-1.4 volts is the point to wonder whether it is worth the strain on the CPU.

    Check the tightness of the waterblock mount and the TIM between block and CPU. What TIM? Are there any air gaps trapped in there? Is the TIM pressed as thin as it can get? I know hard tubing makes this check difficult, but if core voltage is low with that high temperature the check is needed.

    If those are all good, the CPU may be at the limit of the internal TIM. That's the point of delidding -- replacing Intel's poo with a much better TIM like liquid metal or conductonaught.

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