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    CPU Core Temp. reached 95°C overclocking Intel i4790k to 4500MHz, is this okay?

    Boosted CPU to 4500MHz and core voltage was 1.250v. Core Temp. got to max 95°C, when I started stress test prima95 + in-game Rocket League + streamed to twitch + opened a lot of apps (OBS, Streamlabs, Steam, Temp apps) + 5-6 pages in browser. (CPU usage was %100, game kept crashing every 2-3 minute)

    This is my rig:

    Asus ROG Swift PG278Q 27 inch Monitor (2560x1440)
    Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch 4K LED Monitor (3840 x 2160) running @2560x1440
    Intel Core i7-4790K CPU (Quad Core 4GHz, Socket H3 LGA-1150)
    Asus STRIX-GTX980-256 Bit Nvidia Gtx 980 Graphics Card (OC'ed to 1.495MHz @memory clock 7410- Voltage 1175- GPU Temp very stable and low)
    MAXIMUS VII FORMULA Z97 Motherboard
    Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2133Mhz CL11 XMP Performance Desktop Memory Kit
    Corsair AX860i 860W 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply Unit
    Corsair Obsidian Series 450D Windowed Mid-Tower ATX High Airflow Performance Computer Case
    SanDisk SSD PLUS Sata III 2.5-inch Internal SSD 120 GB
    SanDisk Extreme PRO SSD Sata III 2.5-inch Internal 480 GB
    SEAGATE NAS HDD Internal Hard Drive 5900 RPM SATA III NAS Support 3 TB
    Corsair Hydro Series H100i All-In-One 240mm Digital High Performance Rad Liquid Cooler for CPU
    1x Corsair Air Series AF140-LED 140mm Quiet Edition High Airflow LED Fan
    4x Corsair Air Series AF120-LED 120mm Quiet Edition High Airflow LED Fan
    NZXT 2m LED Cable 10 volts
    Asus DVD-RW Bulk Drive
    Windows 10 64Bit

    I had to pull it down to 4400MHz and lower voltage to 1.200 to stabilize. Now when I ran the stress test + everything at these values, i got max 87°C.

    Without stress test, temperature is much lower around 70°C or so. I wanna make it 4500MHz, would it be okay to go with it?
    Asus GTX 980 Strix OC III Intel Core I7-4790K 4GHz III Maximus VII Formula
    Corsair Vengeance Pro Rot 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2133 MHz III Rog Swift PG278Q

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