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    gtx980ti matrix problem with warranty what should I do?

    Hello All,

    I am new to forum but I have been using Asus products for really long time, especially Asus ROG. I own a rog laptop, additionality, I have motherboard and graphics card from Asus.

    Bad news, my gtx980 ti matrix has stopped working. I am sure of it that, there is a technical issue. I bought it a while ago when I visited Poland ( I am from non-EU and I could get 'tax free' etc) it was a good deal.
    My problem is, asus website says I have 'Global Warranty' but I dont understand why, in order to use warranty, I have to return the graphic card to the vendor which I bought it from.
    In my case, it is IMPOSSIBLE. I am not living in Poland and I can not return it there.
    Recently, I had problem with my CPU and intel arranged Courier from my country to Netherlands and replaced the faulty product. It took total of 3 days for me to start and finish the process and receive new product.
    I am giving this example because I can not understand how the warranty works for Asus. Since, I have the confirmation even from their side that my product is under global warranty, why it can only be sent to the warranty by the vendor???
    I believe here are very experienced people who may tell me what to do. Doesnt matter whatever part of the world I am ready to send my product for inspection and possible repair.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry to hear about this but for hardware components (ex. MB and graphics cards), you do need to return it back to retailer as that is the process for the rest of EU. The product warranty and RMA procedure is based on where the product is purchased. Please note that it isn't just ASUS that follows this rule as majority of the industry for hardware components does as well. In order to get a better price by doing so, it does risk that you may end up having no warranty on your product. You would be asked to follow the same procedure if you purchased a different graphics card from a competitor brand. You may try contacting the local customer service in your country to see what other options they can offer you.

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