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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredy M View Post carefull when installing the latest audio driver v for this my case something(didn`t bother to check what exactly but it definitely has something to do with the audio driver installation) creates a dump file every few seconds in the temp folder and I can`t copy/paste anything (it only pastes the .dmp file location)...went back to the same driver version but for the Z390-E and everything is back to normal...
    Quote Originally Posted by Equinox187 View Post
    Posted about this issue a week ago give or take, I had the same issue and it ended up being the nahimic component of the audio drivers that is in the new version, it randomly started crashing and i could see it in the task manager starting up and closing instantly causing cpu spikes and the dump file location in the clip board, I found simply disabling the nahimic services resolved the issue, some time has passed and all is well with no ill effects from disabling nahimic so not sure what it even does or why it is there.

    On a side note i see yet again the lan driver is broken, the installer does not work and when you manually look for the driver windows reports that no compatible driver exists.
    I'm amazed to read this because it happend to me LOL I just reinstalled Windows but figured it might be that since I was fooling around with the UAD Nahimic drivers when it began to occur. Weird!
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