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    No Signal on Display Port

    So I built a new system 1800x, crosshair 6 hero and 32gb of flare X (2 kits of 16gb at 3200) (Still can't get these things past 1600 for some reason) and strix 1080 ti. I got the system to work fine under displayport from the gpu then when messing around with overclock to get as close to 4ghz while being under 1.4v it stopped working. I'd get Q-code 0d but still boot into windows but the monitor would keep cycling a no signal post. But if I switched over to HDMI it would show everything on the monitor. And sit at Q-Code 24. I also tried switching to a different displayport. Worked fine to the post screen but as soon as windows came up it went back to q code 0d and no signal. Anyone got any ideas what might be going on? THANKS! (working with 1 monitor in a 3 setup is painful)

    Windows 10
    Bios 1403

    PS. If anyone has any tips on getting the ram to its advertised speeds that would be awesome. (New to overclocking and all)

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