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    Fluid Gaming A240 and Crosshair 6 Hero Issues?

    Is anyone here using the A240? Or just watercooling in general on the 6 Hero?

    I had it set up on my previous system and had no issues at all. Sabertooth 990fx R2 and FX8350 AM3.

    I upgraded to Ryzen with the 6 hero recently and have been having a ton of issues and I am starting to think the cpu block/mount has something to do with it.

    When I first set things up on the bench, I was just using a coolermaster cooler and my current set of board and cpu were working excellent. But after I moved things into my case with the water loop, I started to have lockup and 8 codes and issues just starting and getting into bios.

    I RMAd one board already because I thought it was the problem, but now my replacement is doing the same thing. I have seen a few mentions elsewhere about people having issues with the rubber piece for the mount bracket and have tried a couple different ways and palyings with the bracket and block and still have issues.

    Out of sheer curiosity, I pulled the loop out and put the coolermaster cooler back on and things seem to be working properly again.

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