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    GL502VT fan nightmare

    Hello everybody,
    I own a GL502VT model, and what a nightmare, the cooling fan goes crazy many times even though the CPU is below 42 C.
    No matter the OS, both linux and windows behave the same.

    Under linux, the operating system I work with, I can't use the nvidia graphic card unless I wanted everybody around me complaining all the time.
    Using the intel graphics make things better, but not much.

    I have updated my bios to the last available one but this has changed nothing, I tried everything (I mean everything) to solve the issue without success.
    Indeed I wasted so much time trying to figure out how to solve my problem, I'm so disappointed and I do not know what else to do.
    In conclusion, I have spent very good money in a laptop that I actually despise deeply.

    I need help, but please don't make me waste my time asking for feedback about my operating system, logs or anything like that. The software I have installed is not the issue, the firmware is, so please produce a bios update with a solution for this nightmare I'm typing in.

    I have also a question for you, how come the bios settings are so limited in a laptop that is supposed to be used by gamers?

    Well, I suppose this post is going to be a waste of my time, but just in case....


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