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    Angry Bricked board - no RMA - no Support - no Service

    Hello. I ordered my CROSSHAIR VI HERO from Poland. By myself I live in Odessa, Ukraine.
    Motherboard came, parcel was in ideal state.

    At the unpacking and visual inspection I noticed that some component was slightly tilted, but I didn't attach any serious significance to this situation.
    I builded a PC and at the first boot I got Q-code 8, no diagnostic diodes was on. Never could get to the POST.
    So I went to Google and to thematic forums in search of a solution for this problem. For two days I tried to fix this, I flashed BIOS'es (flashback), CMOS'ed, booted the system with different hardware configurations and tried a dozen more possible fixes. Always Q-code 8 and no POST.
    I was told at the forum that people had a similar problem (Q-code 8), and the reason for this was poorly soldered DRAM choke. I went to look at that slightly tilted component(that i mentioned before) and saw that it (the choke) is not just tilted, but also has no contact with the motherboard, simply not soldered.
    Manufacturing defect here, which is reported by hundreds of people.

    As a result I went to my local(Ukrainian) Asus support page, and asked them to open RMA case and provide me "Pick-Up and Return (PUR) service" for my "ROG series Motherboard".
    They refused to help me with my bricked board.

    I bought a "Premium class" motherboard to have good service which is included in the price of motherboard.
    Can You help me please?
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