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    Thumbs up ROG Zephrus GX501 with GTX1080, G75X wont get GTX1080.Why?

    The GX501 Zephyrus has GTX1080. But G75x design wont get it! Why Asus? G75X series probably has better cooling the Zephyrus, so why it does not get it?

    I know there is G701 series but it has some serious drawbacks for me,like only two audio jacks and inability to connect 5.1 speaker system to it without an external usb card, and it is more then 2x expensive than G75X design. Lack of cd drive. I could live without a cd drive but not without 3 audio jacks needed to connect 5.1 speaker system.
    SO is there going to be G75X design with GTX1080

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    I am more disappointed with the fact that the Zephyrus does not have a SD card reader. What a shame as I was going to buy it.

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