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    Problem with GPU Tweak 2 presets


    I've been using my GTX 1080 Ti with no issue for months using the "Gaming" preset in GPU Tweak 2.
    Actually, not exactly the "Gaming" preset. I created on myself with the same settings, but I tweaked the fan curve for it to be a bit more aggressive as I'm not concerned by the noise.

    My problem is that when I try to use the "Overclock" preset, without changing anything (with or without my custom fan curves), games suddenly crash within 10 minutes. Never had the problem with normal preset.

    The Overclock preset has +25 on GPU Boost Clock (from 1683 to 1708 MHz) and +90 on the memory clock (from 11010 to 11100 MHz).
    While the "GPU Boost Clock" is set at 1708 MHz, my GPU actually goes all the way to 1960~, so I'm assuming the slider that says "GPU Boost Clock" is actually the "Core clock". Otherwise it wouldn't go higher than what I set it to.

    I ran multiple GPU stress tests for 15 minutes each + some 3D mark benchmarks. With full load, the GPU reaches a maximum of 70C with both "Gaming" and "Overclock" preset. I do not get any problem during those stress tests. I get the same temperatures in game.

    Can anyone help me understand why my games crash even though stress tests are passed so easy ?
    Also, since I'm not manually overclocking, but just using a factory preset, isn't it supposed to run perfectly fine unless the GPU gets too hot ?

    Any help appreciated, thank you.

    Link to my settings in GPU Tweak 2 :

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