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    ASUS ROG G751JY Quality Exceptional - Product website = terrible

    I bought an ASUS ROG G751JY during the last year. What a truly exceptional piece of equipment! From the moment I opened the box I was blown away. The level of attention and care that went into the packaging is the best I've ever seen. The included "goodies" were really appreciated and were also of a really high quality. Then I removed my spiffy new laptop and continued to be blown away. The build quality and design is absolutely superb. Switched it on and was really glad I made the decision to get my first ASUS ROG. Even loved the Windows ROG background. Keyboard lighting - give that designer a medal. At this point I'm a very happy ASUS customer.

    Fast forward a few months and a failed Windows Update later. Needing to reinstall Windows I visited the product website specific to my product. After all I want my expensive investment to go back to how it looked when I first switched it on. What a truly terrible experience! Trying to figure out what to install and what most of the "unexplained" apps/drivers are on the page with zero guidance on what to install and in which order, has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. I'm still trying to figure it out and I'm being thorough. I also experienced the site refresh problems mentioned in another thread. At this point I'm understandably not impressed.

    A business point here - This was an expensive investment that I thought long and hard about. You brought me over from a competitive offering. Even though I love my laptop, your product website is your ONLY customer touch point with me until I look for a new purchase. This should not be the afterthought that it obviously is. It needs to continue the same level of care, attention and quality that was put into creating the work of art that is my laptop. Else you stand a very strong chance of losing my custom next time round.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FarStrike View Post
    Even though i hate Microsoft more, Intel's driver download page is worse.

    I'm going to be dumping the Windows 10 1703 drivers for the G751JY to my GitHub soon, check the notebook section
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