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    Angry Asus g752vs - terrible customer service: Paying for faulty product & no resolution!


    I apologize in advance if this is a lengthy post, I would just like to share my awful customer service experience with ASUS regarding a laptop purchase.

    I am from the United Kingdom and decided to upgrade from my current laptop G751JY to a G752VS. I purchased the laptop under a finance agreement from an online retailer suggested to me from the ASUS website "where to buy" section. The online retailer in question is called ShopTo, the agreement was accepted with no issues and the laptop was shipped out to me swiftly. The laptop was fully functional for a few weeks until suddenly one day, the LED lights on the lid of the laptop stopped functioning entirely alongside the keyboard which had apparently bricked itself.

    I first began by contacting ASUS technical support to see if the issue was software related and could be corrected with an update of any sort. The advice sent to me from the technical support rep didn't resolve the issue so an RMA was in order at this point. The laptop was sent under warranty to a third party company officially contracted by ASUS called "LetMeRepair UK" as I believe ASUS don't have any official repair centers in the UK. Once "repaired" the laptop was returned to me after a long wait (as the LED lights had to be ordered) with the above problems repaired but a new problem present.

    The new problem at hand was now a missing battery / internal battery not reconnected correctly. This was evident by the fact that whenever I plugged in the power adapter it would detect no battery. I once again, arranged another RMA with ASUS and again they sent the laptop off to the same contractor. The company proceeded to fix this issue but the laptop was once again returned to me with a new fault.

    The new fault this time involved overheating issues, random blue screens of death and problems with the overclocking / turbo gear syncing. The laptop was unable to function for more than 20 minutes, anything that required the tiniest bit of CPU usage ramped up the fans to 4000RPM and temperatures began hitting 100C almost immediately. For the third time now, I contacted the ASUS RMA team and had the laptop sent off another time with the same contractor. The contractor claimed to have fixed my laptop once again, but the overheating was still evident on it's return.

    At this point I was losing my patience and faith with ASUS as to get to this point, it had taken nearly THREE months (the first repair took almost 30 days alone!) to get to this stage with no resolution in sight. I asked for my case to be escalated by ASUS and was left waiting a further 3 weeks for a response. Eventually, I got a response telling me that my escalation had been approved and that my unit needed to be shipped off to Holland to be assessed for a SWAP analysis in the ASUS Repair Hub before offering me a refund / replacement unit.

    I sent off my laptop to Holland using their packaging instructions and awaited the outcome. A further 3 weeks later, I received a response informing me that the overheating fault had been confirmed and that my request for a replacement unit was rejected on the basis "Normally we would simply offer you a similar replacement unit but because your unit has relatively high specs, we do not have a suitable replacement in the stock." as quoted by ASUS themselves. Instead, I was offered a refund which I accepted. Two weeks later, I received an email stating "Please be advised that we are currently checking how to proceed. As we are not able to process as a buyback, as the unit was purchased under financing. We are currently looking to see if we can get equal/higher spec replacement unit to offer." Eventually, I was rejected BOTH a refund and a replacement unit.

    They proceeded to tell me "Or alternatively, we would return the unit to you – and you could approach the reseller for an alternative solution, as per the sales of goods act." as well as offering me a fourth repair (this time in the Holland ASUS repair hub). At this point I'm absolutely furious as it had taken months to come to this conclusion, nearly half a year to be precise with the laptop not in my possession whilst I had been paying for it under the finance contract every month!

    I decided to go ahead with the fourth repair option to find once again, my laptop was returned to me with the current fault still apparent. This time around, it didn't seem like any parts were even replaced, just the operating system was reset from what I could tell! ASUS are now completely unwilling to help me other than to offer me constant lengthy RMA's that just don't seem to be getting anywhere with the issue! They are telling me to take it up with the retailer who equally is testing my patience with no response or updates on the situation for approaching 4 weeks.

    I just don't know what to do at this point. I am absolutely livid about the whole situation and the way I've been treated; I can honestly say this is the last ASUS product that I will ever purchase. It has been a rough battle for 8 months; 6 months of those spent without the laptop even in my possession and I'm STILL paying the financing monthly on this product at present time. For a product that is worth over £2,000 I'm seriously disappointed in the customer service I've been subject too.

    PS: I have all correspondence between ASUS, myself and the retailer all in written and can provide to anyone who is interested if necessary.

    TL;DR - I purchased an expensive gaming laptop from ASUS, the product is faulty and repair was attempted four times, case was escalated, fault was confirmed, replacement unit was rejected on the basis that the laptop is too high spec, refund was rejected on the basis that the laptop was taken on finance, sort it out with the retailer said ASUS after only 8 months of juggling me around through loopholes, payments still being made to finance company, product is in my possession but still faulty, NOBODY WANTS TO HELP ME!

    EDIT: Some photographs of the problems before / after each repair (click to enlarge):

    Before the first RMA:

    The LED lights stopped working alongside the keyboard which lead to the first RMA.

    After the second RMA:

    Problems with the Overclocking / Turbo Gear Settings not being synced (pressing the restart button would result in no change).
    Random BSOD's.

    Problem after second, third and fourth RMA (the problem is still present):

    High CPU temperatures resulting in throttling of the laptop (even the mouse cursor starts to stutter).

    NOTE: This problem is not limited to gameplay, even downloads can cause this to happen and things that require small amounts of CPU can replicate the problem. On occasion, the laptop has even shut off suddenly; this is presumed to be because the laptop was reaching dangerous temperatures. Only the idle temperatures of the laptop remain stable, everything else causes a sudden burst of temperature specifically to the CPU; GPU temperatures are normal. The current temperatures (not the MAX highlighted) displayed in this image appear normal due to the fact that whenever I tabbed out of the game to record the temperatures, the temperatures would drop into acceptable ranges; as a result it was hard for me to capture them whilst in game. Regardless, the CPU temperatures are fluctuating massively over tasks that require little CPU or whilst attempting to play a game reaching dangerously high temperatures at times resulting in the above.

    To further prove on the above, we have a second laptop of the same model in the house that is fully functional. The temperatures and performance of my laptop compared to the second model are vastly different when tested against each other running the same processes and settings. This problem was also confirmed in the SWAP analysis.
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