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    Dear ROG community and hopefully some one who works at ASUS..

    I Purchased the X99 Strix RGB motherboard new via Amazon early this month, had an issue with it seeing all the memory. I verified the use of this memory prior to purchasing the board, again memory was checked during the RMA process.
    ASUS agreed to an RMA, I sent it to them 12 days ago, this process and my first RMA went pretty smoothly.

    The board returned on the day of this post, only it's not the board I sent, I was hoping it would have been what I sent but had read this may happen. The replacement if you could call it that is a Strix X99 RGB, but looked like it was someones test bench board, it's dirty and looked like some solder flux still on the underside. Missing the IO RGB cover and sound chipset cover, the south chipset cover was scratched also.

    First image is what I had sent them, and taken prior to shipping. Second image is of the board that was sent back to me

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I only purchase ASUS boards, never had an issue with ASUS boards purchased prior and then now this.
    Given the $341 price tag for this board, it is not making me feel I got the service you would expect from ASUS, actually feeling I got hosed and robbed!!

    Not a rant, just dissapointed and if nothing is done I'll take my business elswhere - not that one customer can make the difference here - but maybe there is one ASUS employee out there reading this who will...........
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