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    Upgrading from xonar u3 need suggestion, strix soar, strix pro,strix dlx or u7?

    as title

    For gaming and music

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    Do you need Virtual Surround ? do you need Microphone ?

    The best quality you can have with sound card is the Strix DLX but it doesn't come with microphone and there are some issues with sound cut. I fixed mine and posted the solution but some people still have issues.

    Other alternative for the same price you can have the Creative AE-5 which has the best ESS DAC chipset. the DLX has the old one. so I can't really recommend the Strix DLX at the moment . they almost cost the same price sadly .

    For maximum sound quality you should go for the Creative AE-5 for headphones and speakers, also some new Technologies with Double-AMP and many other improvements.
    It doesn't come with microphone also.

    Raid DLX is great with ESS DAC but it's almost cost the same , has some weird issues with USB3.0 chipset , you might not, but it's chance.
    I like the Asus Surround , but currently I already have the GSX 1000 for my DAC and Virtual Headphones surround. for my 5.1 I use the Asus DLX Raid. even though I would prefer to use the Creative AE-5 because it has the better or best version of ESS DAC Chipset.

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